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It’s not just the good times but the bad times! It’s not what you see in the movies! It’s not the sex either! No, it’s not!

So, how do you know when the person you’re with is “THE ONE”? Well…maybe this list can help you start the thought process…Ask yourself…

  • Do you have the same sense of humor and they make you laugh all the time.
  • If you’ve vomited or other such bodily function all over them and they’ve been totally chill about it.
  • If you believe they are really talented and they also think you’re something special.
  • When you support each other in your goals and endeavors.
  • If you have a problem or complaint, you know they’ll listen and take you seriously.
  • When they upset you but you just can’t picture your life without them or with anyone else.
  • When GOD says this is the person for you…




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