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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. 92Q’s parking lot in the snow! Are you a snow lover or snow hater? Why? @drejohnson1 #92q #baltimore #bmore #2013

Kierra Peters It’s a love hate thing with me…

Stephanie Jones Love the snow when it keeps me home, hate traveling in it.

Keitta Epps I don’t like driving in snow. Waking up to snow has upset me.

Sunny Jacob Bell Staying home to spend the day with my son….

Eryn Brown I am a winter baby, so I love this type of weather. Been waiting for this day. Good morning!!

Menyon MeMe Dixon-Johnson Lover

Dawn Mosley Snow lover even though I fell getting out of the car pretending that I was creating snow angels in the little bit of snow there was and still was laughed at from the people who helped me up! Laughed at myself too in the process. Lol

Adriann Nichole Anderson lover definitely!

stallioness4life‏@abuttascotch1h @DreJohnson1 morn I’m a snow lover

Helen Washington‏@LynnWashington @DreJohnson1 I’m a native New Yorker. And I LOVE snow & snow days, when school is in session! #TrialsOfATeacher Morning Dre

Melanie‏@Mkinn @DreJohnson1 snow lover as long as I’m not driving but it hardly snows here n charlotte

Cornelius Harrison‏@Nibby2 @DreJohnson1 love the snow unless its yellow son! #naaa-mean?

Erica Michelle‏@ericaj803 @DreJohnson1 it depends. I’m very anemic I actually love the snow i play and make snowangels but the coldness is harsh

Kristen B. ‏@SimpliiComplexx @drejohnson1 SNOW HATER!! When I have a commute to DC and No delay! #aintnobodygottimefuhdat

Alonzo Harris‏@thisisdking @DreJohnson1 As an adult the snow is cool if you get the day off but not cool if you have to work in it.

Hi MaSoN’s MoM‏@MasonMiAmor @DreJohnson1 hater especially in the spring on my son 2nd birthday. Gm Dre

boogie_thegreatWell jus coming bak frm alaska I became a lover but I could have stayd there if I wanted this crap!!! Def. A snow hater GM FAM @drejohnson1

babytalk316I hate the snow where is spring ? Find her plz

tiffstar_04GM @drejohnson1 !!! I’m a snow hater… I don’t have a cushiony gov’t job that closes so I have to risk driving in slippery conditions and go to work…

yo_ricoSnow Lover; Until one of these fools hit my car!

jaybosslady@drejohnson1 I need my job to close… Lol

the1stdeandre@drejohnson1 I love snow. I would rather see snow than feel the heat. After living in Texas for 2 years I appreciate the snow and cold weather.

bigdro_tagmgSnow lover if only it would snow when its supposed to.

iimnikoaLoveeee snow… But hate when my job doesn’t close and or give you liberal leave! We closed a few weeks ago for that snow dusting.. And we’re open for this.. Smh

tommie37I don’t mind it long as I don’t have to drive in it.

nikkinicole05@drejohnson1 I Love It!!!!!!

mickeybmoreNope, I don’t like the looks of this at all @drejohnson1 …I’m a west coast, summer baby, this isn’t me!

aurora_etmRight now when its sopposed to be SPRING! I’m hating,where were you in November/December?! Anyway,just glad I’m able to see it!! Period

bmorepdiddyHate the snow that’s 1 thing I don’t miss about bmore


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