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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. What are your thoughts on Ed Reed leaving the Ravens to play for Houston? #92q #ravens #edreed #baltimore

Tashana Johnson I’m heartbroken

Riversallovame Pennix I h8 to see him go, but I aint mad boo, get that $$$$$ while u can. I just hope we dont hv to face him. #newnewRavenzzzzz

Latoya Lanette George Iam confused….as long as rice stay iam good

Jermaine Townes He WAS ..One of tha best n that played tha position..but now a 35 yr old liability ..We Good!!!

Corahnda Carter-St Cyr I understand I would leave to if I helped win the championship and you give all the attention and glory to the one. I wish him good luck and joy

Cheryl Willis He gave us his best, now he is moving on. His decision had a lot to do with being close to his family too. He aint getting no younger, Good Luck Ed:)

Angela Crawford-Pitts When the team was introduce into Baltimore we was the youngest nfl team God have a plan for all of us each decision are choices he have allowed Baltimore fans to get a second ring With the retiring of Ray i think is playing a main factor on each one decision

Corey Harold I’m a fan of players as well as teams …with that being said I’m still a ed reed when it come to the home team…ravens put all there eggs in one basket ..they broke..120.6 million wasn’t a good move..

Johnknee Selby He took his 2 ticket….. to paradise…… lol good luck Ed Reed……….. mugshott

Karen Taylor Disappointed but you have to go with the $$$$!

Eryn Brown‏@ErynLovinhim2h @DreJohnson1 Omg!! I am so heart broken by his decision to leave. Couldn’t sleep now cant get moving to hit work. Now what to do!!

Dani- Renee‏@danilovinmylocs1h @DreJohnson1 deja vu from 2000 super bowl. Sad to say it will be a few year before Ravens back in the bowl. Got to rebuild the team.

Helen Washington‏@LynnWashington @DreJohnson1 My heart is heavy this morning! I respect #EdReed’s decision (business is business) but sad none the less! Morning Dre

Tamika Dorsey‏@Ms_Naturality @DreJohnson1 I’m going always bleed purple and I wish Ed Reed the best:)

Shena the Diva‏@leqtepie @DreJohnson1 Ed is doing what’s necessary-riding the money train! Money talks & BS walks! We all should be happy for him&others that get it


@DreJohnson1 if its financially I don’t blame him – I’m really gonna miss THE KING OF INTERCEPTION! I still have to route for my fav player!

Sharon ‏@smokedlexus @DreJohnson1 speechless they should have kept him….damn

Melanie‏@Mkinn11h @DreJohnson1 Wat the hell! WTF! I cant take no more loss to the team

litebrite_30Torrey Smith 82 is my favorite

kiona_muahThis is wack. I’m new to the football world but I immediately loved him and his love for his family/team. I think this will definitely be a decision that will be regretted later…

zulu_ktShm well we be good @drejohnson1

1_and_0nly_quanDAT $120 mill is costing us alot of crucial players @drejohnson1

urbaninformerRIP to The Ravens as we know it

eyecatcher07Jus sad

whthershey209He said he would retire a raven….word is bond. Highly disappointed1

just_cymbalsIt’s crazy but he done any way he help get us 2 rings ima always be a raven fan we just a young team now #champs

ripkevin_22@drejohnson1 He needed The Money

imfollow1nguGet money Ed!! But I’ll miss him! If @ravens don’t appreciate him enough to Pay him, so be it

daunshayI guess Flack gonna be a one man show!! Smh!

tweetacruzHe will be missed but it’s understandable … You must go where u are appreciated$$$ ….business is business. I ain’t mad at him.

prettymira88Soo sad at a lost for words rite now I just new he wasent going no were but I guess he had a change of heart after all! Dang who’s next we falling apart slowly but shortly after a great season soo heartbreaking! I wish reed well I just hope he knows that even doe he made that move and will gladly be missed Baltimore is were its at!!

biggg_alHe should have Died a Raven,CRAZY.

ripkevin_22It’s def a business

msspecialk0329Honestly when u have 1 so called team member all for self, that’s a violation……I’m not mad @ all….

djgeminiliveCan’t be mad at all. He will always be a raven. It happens to the best of them, It’s business. He made sure he left a ring here before he left. It’s all good. Still the greatest safety to ever play the game

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