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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Ravens Safety Ed Reed to visit the Texans today? Your thoughts? #92q #ravensnation #edreed #baltimore #bmore #ravens #2013

Kesha‏@unlock_the_Kee @DreJohnson1 at this point I’m jus turned all the way down…no comments or thoughts

Rico_NotSuave_IsHere‏@Ricoishere @DreJohnson1 @jamesthegreat1 On the #Grind early

Mount -N- Dew‏@HrmLssFlirt @DreJohnson1 it’s expected that we are going to lose some good players with the plan of getting Better. In Ozzie I trust. #ravensnation GM

Cornelius Harrison‏@Nibby2 @DreJohnson1 Dre…what the heck is going on in the Ravens camp? Ed Reed’s absence will definitely be felt next season. #noidentity

Dani- Renee‏@danilovinmylocs Idk @DreJohnson1 the free agency hasn’t been good for Bmore. But he was down for the team so he might stay.

Toiya Best‏@ThickDiva428 @DreJohnson1 I can’t continue to talk about the dismantling of our team, it’s horrible!!!! We won’t have anyone except for mr 120 million!

Alonzo Harris‏@thisisdking @DreJohnson1 We’ve already lost 3 of the 4 leaders of the team R.Lewis, Boldin, & B.Pollard so it wouldn’t shock me if Ed Reed leaves.

Dionicio Talero Stay in Baltimore or goto 49ers !!

Jermaine Townes It’s tha changin of tha guards..defense needs a overhaul…n OZ we trust!!!

Ronald Mcdaniel Not this keeps up I’ll have to switch teams on Madden

Angela Groomes We wnt b going to the super bowel this year!

Corey Harold ED only have 2yrs left in him he can leave…

Claire Callow i CANT take this anymore!!!!!! boldin,kruger,pollard… our birds are just flying away everyone keeps saying trust ozzy. but damn we had a great team!!!

Sumayyaluv Her KidsnJerrell Majid They better.bring him bak home to Bmore with tht $ right

followthedjHe deserves the best chances to win n this year the ravens won’t be the place to win

whthershey209I think it’s a damn shame we are loosing all our players. Joe isn’t worth 120 million

everywherenaenaeOnce again stupid moves another 13year’s before another ring…smh all I can say is Steeler nation….lol @drejohnson1

luckysbabygirlRumor has it that Harbaugh wanted all the vocal players gone…..smdh if that’s true!!

erikarnI can’t take another loss…I’m a diehard fan and I understand the business side and I understand the game itself but I am mourning the losses thus far…especially #815

sosincerecbThey can have anybody…BUT Reed!! @drejohnson1

sosincerecbHe Should Retire a Raven…Point Blank @drejohnson1

lexus5013Don’t do Ed, DON’T DO IT!!

prettymira88Wow this is crazy!! We can’t lose reed to the team definitely wouldent be the same! Let just hope when he take this visit today that he know that Baltimore is were he belong!

lexus5013 Don’t do it Ed

lexus5013I remember he said b4 he sign with another team he will retire a RAVEN

luckysbabygirlThat’s the same thing Boldin said, he would retire a Raven…. Smh

taryn_iamhairNooooooooooooo @20edreed

chia_perealessandrafrnco preach. clk @akylahlloydcu For More People To get following you

tothebreakofdawnI think Reed will play one more year, so if he feels going to another team will get him a ring I say go for it! Because the Ravens team next season will not be getting one. I will hate to see him go thou because he is my fav!! He will always be a Raven to me!

just_makiaI’m truely tired we are loosing to many of our ravens team members nd I think were going to look like trash this season but I’m a true ravens fan so I will still be here sad nd all @drejohnson1

blessed692He is my favor player I mite cry if he leave I want him 2 stay but I guess money talk @drejohnson1

yo_ricoThe only good thing about Texas is its 1400 miles away!

lyfeisgood29It’s crazy!!! All this for a qb that’s not really 100% with his throws. If we lose Reed too, our season is a wrap…smh

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