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Why does this always happen around the holidays? The man (or woman) starts the argument that can be so brutal that one of you decide to part ways! Well…until after Valentine’s Day; then miraculously…THEY’RE BACK!!!! Huh??

Holiday break-up’s are so common and if you think your boo thang is gearing up for the big one (argument), I found some survival tips:

Focus on friends and family: Friends and family know you best. Rely on them to get you through.

Pamper yourself: He never sent you on a spa day anyway, so why wait? Treat yourself to an amazing day at the spa.

MAKE UP AFTER THE BREAK UP: Get’er DONE! Like take the opportunity to get a make over! Cut your hair! Get a different, more vibrant, color on your nails and try changing up your routine!

All in all! Know that the relationship, regardless if it’s to return or not, is a way for you to learn who you are in it! Qualifiying your or disqualifying you for the next person to take over your heart! Dont’ be that chick/dude at the Christmas party, drinking in the corner and talking to anyone that passes by about your “Pookie”! Ain’t nobody got time for that!