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I have a lot of family members who believe a great Christmas involve great Christmas presents! I, on the other hand, am not that person. If you’re not my close friend, family member or professional acquaintance, I’ll send you a pleasant text that says “Happy Holidays” and that’s it! I heard a long time ago that it’s the “thought that counts”. So why do people get in their feelings about what they receive for Christmas? Especially when they’re like 50!!!

Now, if your excuse for cheap frugal presents is “it’s not in my budget” just to appease those “needy” folks in your life who are expecting something this year, check out these tips:

Make a gift list. Determine who will receive a present this year. Next to each name, write a specific amount that you will spend on this person. Attempt to reduce the amount you spent last year by 50 percent.

Make a plan to use cash for all purchases. One way to curb any additional spending is to not use your credit cards. By paying for all holiday expenditures in cash, you’ll stick to your budget during the holidays.

Shop at dollar stores. Discounted consumer goods are plentiful at off-price retailers. During the holiday season, you can find deals on party goods, decorations and small gifts at rock-bottom prices.



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