Fedex drivers in Alabama are about to go through a heavy investigation. Due to the negligence of one or more drivers over 400 packages were found in the woods tossed and damaged. It is unknown as to the reasoning and the person or persons behind the dump job. However, the dumpsite was reported by the […]


Is buying gifts for your loved ones leaving you broke?

If there’s one eight-year old who shouldn’t worry about what will be under the Christmas tree this year, it’s Shayla Gibson. During GQ’s Men Of The Year party, Tyrese spoke to Entertainment Tonight about his adorable daughter and revealed the most lavish gift he’s ever bought was a private island for Shayla: “Can’t say [where],” he […]

So, there’s only a couple more days until Christmas, and you haven’t bought a thing. Not a problem – neither have we! Listen to the…

Contrary to what commercials want you to believe, the holidays should not be one budget-busting, anxiety-filled event after another. Instead it should be about the…

I have a lot of family members who believe a great Christmas involve great Christmas presents! I, on the other hand, am not that person. If you’re not my close friend, family member or professional acquaintance, I’ll send you a pleasant text that says “Happy Holidays” and that’s it! I heard a long time ago that it’s […]

Via  Tis the season to start the holiday shopping. But, if your on a holiday budget be careful of merchandisers that take advantage of  “get a deal” shopping. Federal agents feel that a warning for this years holiday shopping is very necessary for consumers. Why? Read More. Wednesday’s Classifieds What Are Your Holiday Plans? Young Jeezy’s […]