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There were a few people this week that I wanted to tell “kiss my ass!” So instead of me getting into trouble, I decided to let Sex Session listeners do it for me. Check out a few of the responses below.

The Love Zone transforms into the Sex Session on Thursdays from 10pm -12am.  The Region’s best slow jam mix by Kenny K and the quickie question of the night. Join us next week!!!!

I wanna tell my co-worker “the wicked witch of the snacks” to kiss my big lite skinned ass@StaciBabii

I would gladly tell the ppl who hit the powerball to kiss my a$$. I had my list ready of ppl I was going to say “eff you” to with a band following. And sadly I had to shred that list and deal with those same people again today — Brian

I wanna tell my sons father Michael to kiss my ass 4 all the BS  he tries to put me through — @Danicakes23

My clients who call me at 11pm at night and txt at 5 and 6 am in the morning because they have a new business idea and want my opinion . No sense of business decorum. — Kim

anyone who isn’t in my corner can Kiss my ass! — @Cali_twin90

I would like to tell a certain lazy ass, trouble making, nosey, backstabbing, immature co-worker of mind to kiss my big ol a$$….thanks LaDawn — Proud

Tell  everyone who don’t like me they can Kiss my Black Petite Ass — @Neaky21

LaDawn….I would like to tell my baby father that left me 6 months pregnant with two kids and now telling me about his kiss all three of our natural black asses!! — Trina