It was the Sex Session with Kenny K. Last night your penises and vaginas were talking and this is what they had to say: If you thought these lips was something wait until you meet the other ones I need to explode Feed me now! I like it when it’s real wet Cum and talk […]

Halloween is here!! What do people think is sexy, but it is really scary? Choking Drunk Sex Dirty Uggs & Leggings S&M Hairy Men Going Braless Prince Bragging About All the Sex You Are Having Butt Shots Eyes that Change Colors Hairy Legs On Women

Men should stop being do girly … Women should stop being so manly …. Women should stop spitting and clearing their throat in public Men~ the lil clothes, dresses, weaves, arched brows & otherwise female like appearance. I require a man who undoubtedly looks/acts like a man. Women– stop taking care of grown Men. Let […]

The Sex Session with DJ Kenny K was all about the most romantic spots in Baltimore. Here are the top places you guys told us about: Columbia Lake/ Park Inner Harbor Federal Hill Tide Point Near Ft. McHenry BWI Watching the Planes Intersection of 95/ 395 for City views 13th Floor of Belvedere Hotel Four […]

Tonight the Sex Session with DJ Kenny K was all about those love rules that should never be broken ….. Never leave a cute friend alone with your lover Do everything for your man … so no other woman can compare Don’t argue in public Kiss before leaving the house and before bed No backdoor […]

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          What do you need more of in love? more patience, kindness and the ability to focus on the big picture when I speak, please listen communication massages slow lovemaking attention oral sex money keeping it 100% kisses consistency

          Cast your vote! More Love or More Sex ……. Sex because love hurts sex is enjoyable Love. Sex isn’t going anywhere. But if there’s someone that loves you, like REALLY loves you.. Nothing compares to that. And to be honest, love makes the sex better. I would want more love […]

  Your favorite ways to tease your lover ……. Wearing elephant thong draws Naughty text messages through the day Just the Tip Kissing the inner thighs Lap dance, blind fold, and handcuffs Licking my lips

What do you miss about old school love? How classy and respectful it was. No need to be explicit Working on your marriage instead of just ending it Women appreciating their men and showing it Men being chivalrous The music  You had to work to get that old school love. Nowadays they just give it […]

What do you find attractive outside of looks? Sense of humor and a cute laugh. Sexy walk and great fragrance on her it’s a killer that seals the deal too. Drive! Ambition and Intelligence is very sexy to me! And honesty! Don’t introduce me to your representative, I want to know the “Real” you. His […]

What is the best thing about being single? Having the freedom to run your own life Freedom to experiment Can go anywhere on the fly and stay as little or late as I choose Not having to compromise Being able to BREATHE, no obligations, no worries! You can understand your options better and love yourself […]