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Halle Berry had a bit of a dust-up at her Thanksgiving dinner.  Her new lover and her daughter’s dad came to blows over the turkey.  Love Zone listeners shared with me last night a few of their stories where the old lover and the new lover just couldn’t make peace.

Here are a few of our Facebook comments that didn’t make the show:

My daughter’s father’s new girl has a problem with him talking to me on the phone. Me and him get along well, we’ll sometimes have a good laugh but his new girl doesn’t like that. I have no problems with her at all, but she have to understand that we have a child together, and she should be happy that I’m not a crazy baby momma lol. — Chantel

Just can’t get along! Baby mother always holding on to grudges and don’t wanna let it go  — James

Never going to happen. I’m not having it — Tiffany