Last night the show was all about Sex Myths that are not true. Check out this blog post that started our show off.  Apparently, a model decided to share her theory on gays. Click Here

Vanessa Bryant, Kobe Bryant’s wife, took her time responding to Drake’s lyric about her marriage that stated that “she wasn’t with him shooting in the gym.”  Vanessa and Kobe appear to be getting their marriage back on track, so Vanessa decided to finally address Drake by stating that “she manages his home life and signs the checks.”  […]

Thinking about marrying that person that you dumped or that dumped you?? Oddly, it can possibly work out! Here is an article with tips that will let you know if you should marry your ex.

The news of the day on Wednesday was Ray Lewis retiring from the Ravens at the end of the season. We decided to flip that for the Love Zone and ask — Which celebs need to retire from the game of love? Here are a few of your top choices: Chris & Rihanna Demi Moore Taylor […]

Christmas Eve we had fun in The Love Zone with the gifts listeners want “Naughty Santa” to leave under the tree: A Sloppy BJ Another Silver Bullet & a bunny rabbit vibrator edible body paint and some handcuffs a sexy man over the age of 45….lol a handsome torrey smith for 24hrs …..  sweet Jesus […]

The Sex Session w/ DJ Kenny K was all about your favorite slow jam mix and the quickie topic of the night. What is your favorite sexual position? my fave position is all of em. as long as the sex is fun creative nd nasty — @500block_Tay facedown assup arched back… — @dingomillions Riding and […]

Love Zone listeners called in with some of the dumb things they have had fights over with their lover. Here are a few of the crazier responses: Cooking Spaghetti Mexican vs. Seafood A Flashlight A Threesome w/ an Ex more than 10 years ago Using a laptop

Is there such thing as productive fighting in love? Yes, you have to fight in a way that allows you to tackle an issue, but retain respect.  Check out this article for tips on friendly fighting.

Kwanzaa can aid you in all of your relationships!!  Here is an article on what we can learn about love from Kwanzaa.

Looking to add a little romance to your holiday? Check out this article on romantic holiday films.

It was Open Question night in The Love Zone and one of the questions posted on my Facebook page was — should Facebook be part of the vows because it is destroying marriages?  I answered the listener with probably not in the vows, but definitely “social media” should be addressed in pre-marital counseling. Rules need […]

He brings her all the way New York to tell her that not only is he gay, but he is wrapped up in a crazy love scenario with three other guys.  Check out a recent clip of me advising a couple dealing with a down low partner on The Bill Cunningham Show. I am one […]