The pair were promoting Berry's directorial debut, Bruised, which is now airing on Netflix.

Halle Berry visited "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Monday where she doubled down on her stance that Cardi B is the queen of hip hop.

The current meme craze where people take modern photos and alter them to look dated claiming some sort of connection, Keke Palmer hopped in on the joke and Halle Berry followed with a timely response that has folks talking

With a positive message of self-love, the eternally beautiful actress is an inspiring figure to her millions of fans.

Halle Berry hasn't had to apologize for much in her career, but she quickly had to say sorry following an interview where she spoke on a role she was considering taking.


via Global Grind “Halle Berry or Hallelujah!” Hip-hop loves Halle Berry. The legendary actress  has been touted as the quintessential black woman, as well as the standard of beauty for African-American women across the world. Let’s not forget to mention that besides being an Academy Award winning actress, she’s also hip-hop’s favorite muse. Although there […]

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A delusional man tried to steal Halle Berry’s home from right under her nose.

Halle Berry is by far one of the sexiest women in the show biz, Drake has made it known how much he lust for Halle and there was even a song made about Halle Berry. So what would be your response if Halle kissed you out of nowhere? You would probably have your jaw on […]

The action-packed scenes in the John Wick franchise feel so real because they are. Keenu Reeves does all his own stunts and when Halle Berry signed on to do the third chapter Parabellum, she too signed on to be her own stunt double. Halle stars as the assassin David alongside Wick and put in […]

Halle Berry debuted a natural hairstyle at the 2017 Oscars. We're showing you styles the beauty should try!

Plus, people are not here for conservative artist’s Betsy DeVos cartoon and former law professor to Obamas says Michelle should have been president.