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Last night my twitter was a-blaze with tweets about L&HH. Were you tuned in?

The Breakfast Bite question for this morning is…

Do you agree with the way minorities and women are portrayed in reality shows like Love & Hip Hop and Basketball Wives?

the callers were split some said…”it’s just entertainment”

others said “it’s a mess and not real”

Here is what some folks on twitter had to say…

@MrIkeCarter –  @tweetAcruz not at all but as long as people keep watching they’ll keep showing it.

@ThickDiva428- @tweetAcruz GM, it’s a shame to see women on tv acting like a bunch of unmannered ghetto heathens!! It’s not a good look!

@bugsy1230– @tweetAcruz love&hiphop is just as bad as mpb wives. Shows are funny to watch other ppls drama infold.

 ‏@urbanwulf– @tweetAcruz to be honest I don’t like the way our lack queens are betrayed in these shows.

@ItsYaGirlKeitta– @tweetAcruz I don’t agree but women really act like this. People go on YouTube & Socialcam daily to watch women degrade or fight one another.

What do you think?

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