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American Idol winner Reuben Studdard recently ended his three year marriage and because of a rock solid pre-nup his ex only received 10k and her wedding dress.  She even had to return her engagement ring!

On Tuesday’s Love Zone we discussed pre-nuptial agreements and whether they were a smart move or a sign that that somebody doesn’t think this will last.  Check out these responses via Facebook and Twitter.  To join the Love Zone virtual discussion visit www.ladawnblack.com

Pre-Nup: Smart or a Bad Omen ……

I’m sorry ladies but if u want to be my wife, u need to sign them papers. Prove to me that u want me and not just what I can do for u – Jeff

I dnt believe in Pre Nups. 1st b/c if ur marrying a person, obviously u felt that love for them & what his & hers become ours. 2nd, b/c even if u divorce (which I also dnt believe in) u should still wnt to see that person happy & financially stable even if its not alot. It doesnt mean u think ur marriage wont last, but that if u do divorce that u basically never cared enough abt that person to wanna see them happy – Brittany

It can be a smart move, but real talk you are preparing for the worst outcome possible because there is something about the person or the relationship that you don’t fully trust. If your husband or wife is supposed to be your best friend and you are in it til death due us part then why bring in a level of distrust to your marriage? – Jeramy

It is a smart move.. far to often people try to marry rich to be cut in the will or make big during a divorce. So i believe it is smart to have a prenup to protect personal gain… now if its a gain that is acquired with in the marriage or both parties worked together to get ahead than it should be divided accordingly – Delano

I Think If Yu Sign A Pre-nup Yu Dnt Really Have 2 Work As Hard 2 Make Yur Relationship Last….Yu Can Just Get Out When Yu Dnt Wanna Be Involved Anymore ! – Lakia

It’s too many people out here that get married for the wrong reasons. The divorce rates says it all, A PRE-NUP IS SMART FOR SOMEONE WHO STANDS TO LOSE A LOT! If the other person is not there for a BIG PAYOFF, A PRE-NUP shouldn’t matter!

– Shante

I believe its smart,I don’t think trust fully contribute to this factor. If you happen to be a women and you are married, you don’t always let your spouse know about your money habits, not fully because you don’t trust your spouse but it’s human nature to always have a backup just in case. I see nothing wrong with it, as long as the Pre nup is deemed fair by the people involve then why not. – Sheila

To me it is a sign that u jus dnt think ya marriage will last long you basically don’t trust the person or have faith in ya relationship – Sharte

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