It’s easy to lump all mumbling rappers with “Lil” in their name together, but sometimes, one or two will break from the pack and surprise us. Take Lil Yachty, for instance, who has found himself saddled with a beef with Kodak Black. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Yachty isn’t playing into Kodak’s hand, however. Hit […]

In the aftermath of all of the drama that went down at Chris Brown‘s house, it’s clear that not a lot of foresight went into the situation, especially on behalf of the instigator herself, Baylee Curran. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! While Chris Brown is certainly at fault for just allowing this random chick to […]

What do you find attractive outside of looks? Sense of humor and a cute laugh. Sexy walk and great fragrance on her it’s a killer that seals the deal too. Drive! Ambition and Intelligence is very sexy to me! And honesty! Don’t introduce me to your representative, I want to know the “Real” you. His […]


ll More reason to love this guy right here.  Not only is his rap career on fire but he is a smart guy. He has issued a PSA called “Death To Molly”.  The popular drug has been referenced in music from artists such as Rick Ross, Kanye, Tyga, and Trinidad James and Kendrick thinks it […]

Via The father of the suspects in the Boston bombings says his son, who is still on the loose, is an accomplished and smart young man. Anzor Tsarnaev spoke with the Associated Press by telephone from Russia. He states ” My son is a true angel.” Read Here For More Details. Boston On Lock down […]

American Idol winner Reuben Studdard recently ended his three year marriage and because of a rock solid pre-nup his ex only received 10k and her wedding dress.  She even had to return her engagement ring! On Tuesday’s Love Zone we discussed pre-nuptial agreements and whether they were a smart move or a sign that that […]