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Actress Megan Good recently announced her engagement to a Sony Pictures Executive who also happens to be a minister.  In past interviews, Megan has indicated that having a mate that is a Christian is a huge priority for her because her spiritual life is number one.  On Tuesday’s show Love Zone listeners jumped in on whether or not you have to love God before you get to love them.

Does Your Mate Have to be a Christian??

Mine does. I need to be equally yolked in order for my relationship to work. In order for us to succeed, we must be going in the same direction, or we’ll never end up in the same place. – Heavywieght

U dont hve to be christian but I at least want you to know GOD, ALLAH, whatever u follow. And hve MORALS.. u dont hve to be christian to treat someone right. – Tyronda

I believe that all true relationships (1s that are made to last) are put together by GOD. My fiance is not a Christian but with my help, he is almost there. Not sharing religion can hurt a relationship if the same beliefs are not shared. My fiance & I get along just fine! – Brittany

Yes, my Man needs to be christian cuz I need a man that can fear god. – DeBony

Yes a 100% because I’m a 100% Christian. Must share same beliefs. – Nicole


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