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The Love Zone on Monday night was all about the benefits of being the side chick.  Check out these answers via Facebook and Twitter. 


You can join the online Love Zone discussion via www.ladawnblack.com.


What are the benefits of being the side chick?


You enjoy nights alone, excuses, lies, hiding and knowing your “place”.  — Kells


i always was the other chick never the “chick”. i only seen him wen ever he want to swing pass. And he only gave me things to keep quiet and shut up – Jasmine


I need a main chick  f  a sideline – Jimmy


for girls assume that role just for sex, money, companionship or simply for the fact that there are no strings attached. Some girls may have a guy at home thats not good in bed, dont have a large income, not really a compatible companion or clingy – Delano


Being a side chick is very over rated and eventually u get tired of being the side chick and wanna be the MAIN chick! – Angel


Being a side chick has its advantages…..if u kno how 2 play ur position and can control ur feelings than u can surely benefit from it . In my opinion every man has a chick on the side and in most cases they treat the side chick better . Most of the time when a man is creepin off to b wit some one else they are usually goin to take the side chick out while the main chick is in the house doin nothin . For instance look at the show cheaters they always find them in a restaurant or leavin a party or some where tryna be romantic. Real truth is u can’t blame her for what ur man chose to do she just went along for the ride and half the time they don’t even kno its someone else until its to late…. – LaShaun


i became a side chick and the benefit is for me i dont have to put up with no bs because you dont have to be bothered if you dont want to. – Sympathie

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