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Shouts to all the parents who think it perfectly NORMAL to smoke weed, drink or do other inappropriate things around their kids! Some feel it’s okay because they believe in “Do As I Say and Not As I Do” logic.

You say what? Call us at 410-481-9292 or hit us up on social media.

Here’s what you’re saying on Facebook:

“This is why some people don’t need kids..And these parents are the same parents 10-15 years from now wonder why thier child/children have no Motivation, No Drive, No Goals for the future because you show them that its okay to be irresponsible. Smh.” -Kelly Adams

“I was raised on the logic that too much of anything is bad for you, its okay to have your vices (certain ones) but do it in moderation handle responsibilities first then party, secondly to subject children is def. A no-no…. that should def. Be handled differently…” -Frank Reed

“All in all when they do it in front of them or around them they are screaming TRY IT children HAVE A TENDENCY TO IMITATE WHAT THEY SEE AND ESPECIALLY IF THEY SEE IT DONE BY SOMEONE THE ADMIRE” -LaToshia Thesweetestgapeach Smith-Brown

“Children are a product of their environment. The creed ‘do as I say not as I do’ will only go so far. As parents we must be our children’s role model as to what a responsible adult should be” -Billye Cooper

And on Twitter:

“smoking herb is for grown folks. When u pay the cost to be the boss THEN u can get as high as a giraffe’s a**” -ArgyleFreak

“that irks me. Seeing someone get high with their kid no matter the age is unacceptable.” -tee_step

“the moment you do drugs around your children is the moment they should be taken away from you.” -CmoneyMCG

“I hate when I walk thru the city and see parents smoking with their kids! Who & Where Is the Mentor and Where Do they Work?” -BjaysAmazing82

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