I’m sure the fellas are gonna like seeing this side of Dej Loaf.  She celebrates 420 by dropping her new track, “Me, U & Hennessy” on Monday and dispenses visual motivation to buy the track a few days early. The normally tom boyish , Detroit rapper & singer, is showing us a lot more skin… Hurt […]

Ingredients: 4 cans Coco JoyCoconut Water 6 egg yolks 1/2 cup sugar 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract 8 ounces spiced rum Ice Cinnamon Coconut flakes…

Mila J‘s latest single “Smoke, Drink, Break-Up” is burning up the charts. Older sister to Jhene Aiko, Mila J has been on the scene for several years as part of two girl groups. When asked whether there is pressure to compete with her younger sister Jhene, Mila reassured her audience that there is no competition […]

Via Foxbaltimore.com  A new drink that is supposed to relax the consumer is actually making them sick. But, the issue isn’t just that. The drink is now in the hands of middle school students. Parents are outraged that children have access to this drink. Read More.  Are Women Better Cheaters?? Guys: Clues That She is […]

Via Fox Baltimore.com  Howard County’s Executive says that its time to do away with sugary drinks. Ken Ulman banned the sale of sugary drinks from county property. This ban is an effort to lower childhood obesity as most Howard County residents are obese. Read More.  WHAT IS THE FUTURE FOR ICE-T AND COCO? Stop The […]

A horse by the name of I’ll Have Another (pictured above) was the winner at the May 2012 Preakness.

Shouts to all the parents who think it perfectly NORMAL to smoke weed, drink or do other inappropriate things around their kids! Some feel it’s okay because they believe in “Do As I Say and Not As I Do” logic. You say what? Call us at 410-481-9292 or hit us up on social media. Here’s […]

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