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Revealing photos of Amber Rose have been leaking on the internet left and right. Yesterday after more explicit photos of Amber leaked, the number one question for me was “Who the hell is the person leaking the photos?” Amber Rose has been on Twitter for the past few weeks “wilding for respect” about how she is being attacked by the media. You would have thought she was a member of the The LOX trying to get released from their contract with Diddy.  Amber Rose has had more than a few boyfriends in the industry after Kanye West, from Reggie Bush to Wiz Khalifa. Here at TUD we would like for you guys to help us solve the mystery of who is leaking Amber Rose’s racy photos on to the net. Below are the top 5 suspects.

5. Kanye West– Could Kanye really be upset about Amber dating Wiz Khalifa? Kanye just maybe leaking all the photos he took of Amber after the night of the 2009 MTV VMAs. After getting escorted out the two probably continued to get drunk off that bottle of Hennessy and got into some freaky business.

4. Wiz Khalifa– Could Wiz Khalifa be behind the leaking of the photos? Amber is his current girlfriend and if people are talking about her than they have to mention Wiz in the process.

3. Natalie Nunn– We all know Natalie ” I Run LA” Nunn aka my chin is just too damn long aka Jay Leno is beyond pissed off at Amber for stealing Wiz Khalifa away from her. Could Natalie Nunn be using her LA connects to get access to photos of Amber Rose and leaking them on net.

2. Reggie Bush If you read Amber Rose’s interview in Vibe Magazine 2011 sexy issue, you would know she revealed that Reggie was just a rebound. I don’t think anyone wants to be called a rebound anything but then again I am sure Reggie got the buns and could care less.

1. Amber Rose– After taking a poll of who is responsible for the photos leaking.  The majority of the votes were for Amber herself. Everyone thinks she is a attention whore who leaks her own explicit photos and then go on twitter to rant about it.

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