In a recent sit down interview on the Higher Learning Podcast with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay Amber Rose reveled that she is the reason for a lot of the music and collaborations that we know, love and sing. She revealed that she has A&R’d music for Wiz Khalifa, Nicki Minaj and Kanye West. The […]

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On February 20, 2015, model and TV personality, Amber Rose tweeted to her estranged ex, Kanye West, “I’ll leave that up to the Kartrashians to humiliate u when they’re done with u.” Recently, Rose’s tweet resurfaced and many on Twitter hailed her as a prophet as Kim and Kanye’s marriage has long circled the […]

Following Amber Rose going public with news that her now-ex-boyfriend Alexander "A.E." Edwards cheated with 12 women, the record label exec decided to not only fess up to his philandering ways but also publicly claim the act of infidelity as his basic instinct.

After moving on and having a child with Anthony "AE" Edwards, the popular social media influencer has revealed that the father of her son has cheated with 12 women and put them all on blast via her Instagram page.

With millions of her beloved "Rosebuds" supporting her every move, Rose offering to provide content via the OnlyFans platform could prove to be a lucrative venture.

Amber Rose has never been one to sequester her opinion, so when fans asked her to speak out regarding her position on current events--of course she had a lot to say. On Wednesday (June 3), Amber Rose took to Instagram to stand in solidarity with everyone fighting the cause for change including Black Lives Matter, LBGTQAI, and those who are advocating to legalize sex work. "I'm Pro Black af, Pro LGBTQ af, Pro Hoe, Pro Sex Work, Pro-Choice," Rose wrote. "If ur Fatphobic, Transphobic or ever screamed 'All Lives Matter' get the f*ck off my page."


Amber Rose has been at home contributing to flattening the curve with her baby boy Sebastian & newest addition to the family Slash. Rose tucked the children in bed to serve us some LOOKS for the gram! South Philly bred Amber Rose has been popping up in the blogs lately due to her latest tattoo […]

Amber Rose debuted her new look and it set the internet ablaze, now she has some choice words for the critics. On Wednesday (Feb. 12) Amber Rose took to Instagram to address the critics and reveal her inspiration behind her new forehead tattoo of her children’s names. “For the people that are telling me I’m […]

Amber Rose is a muva again! Last week Rose and her boyfriend Alexander “AE” Edwards celebrated the birth of their son Slash Electric Alexander Edwards, but hadn’t shared many pictures of their child until just recently. Taking to her IG page, Rose shared a pic of her newborn with his Uncle Joey (cut. It. Out) […]


Looks like Amber Rose has decided to cancel her annual SlutWalk this year. It she seems to be dealing with all kinds of problems and betrayals in her personal life. In an unforeseen Instagram post the model known as Muva Rosebud explained that she’s been dealing with “fake friends” who’ve done everything from stolen jewelry […]

In today’s absurd social media antics that deserve a dragging news, Amber Rose is catching flack for promoting a new product — pregnancy flat tummy tea. WTF?! The muva rosebud posted a photo sporting a long blonde wig (which was jarring enough) holding a package of “organic pregnancy tea.” She captioned the photo, “Food baby […]