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Love Zone  listeners know how long we should all wait for a ring! Check out some of the answers via Facebook and Twitter.  Make sure you join our virtual convo by visiting www.ladawnblack.com at 10pm.




How Long Should You Wait for the Ring?


girl life is to damn short buy your own damn rings! LOL bling – bling – everytime i come around bling-bling!



u gettin me in trouble tonight. my girl want me 2 propose to her so she try to throw hints. But I don’t no if we r ready



I say no more than 5 yrs, there are seasons you need to go thru first, friends, exclusively dating one another, the relationship & the big one which should lead to the ring living together..



 I think you should just do what works for you. Enjoy the moments of the journey whether its a couple of weeks or 8 years.



My wife waited 8 years for a ring we have been married for 3 and a half years now and I have brought a new bigger ring for her long wait



 Not to long it shouldnt take tht long to figure out what u want



 You can never put a time limit on love.



I say wait until u just can’t wait anymore! Sometimes u wait too long… the key is having the strength to walk away if the man acts like he doesn’t wanna marry u.



At least two years by then u should know wat u want if not then DEUCES! no need in waisting n e more time. ppl are gettin older and know wat they want


 I am not rushing no man to marry me! I want him to be 100% ready, if he feels backed into a corner its not coming naturally from his heart….the man i want to marry will be the one who sees ALL of my worth and the value of my heart….that man will WANT to marry me!



U cant b puttin ringz on anybody fingerz these dayz cuz then u’ll find out she’s krazy and tryna take all ur money and then u’ll b in the “ITZ CHEAPER 2KEEP HER” category and most marriagez dont last ijs….



marriage is a shame NO RING shld be needed when ur love is unconditional yes its nice to have but wat does it really mean its onli a symbol dnt mean he/she wont cheat or lie or break ur heart! so waitin on a ring is like waiting for something unreal #dntjudgeme