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So often love shows are about negativity in relationships. Tuesday’s show was all about the positive ways that your current lover healed your heart.




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Ways that Your Current Lover Healed Your Heart …..



The main thing is someone willing to talk to u and listen. Not judge, n just b there for support!


he told me I was beautiful, he wasn’t ashamed of me, he was honest, patient & genuine. A true gentleman!




 My current lover has healed from past trust issues that I didn’t even realize I had til after we got together, I’ve been lied to so many times be4 n I didn’t realized that I was building barrier to prevent being hurt or to not care about hurting others n she has helped me tremendoulsy n continually doing so.


She tells me I’m pretty & beautiful, when in past relationships, I felt inadequate.. She sticks by me through my tough times, when others have left..She’s helping me to secure my future. She holds me when we sleep, which makes me feel safe. She’s loyal, which is so hard to find.. She appreciates my body & my mind, & encourages my creativity. Most of all, she shows me she loves me, along with telling me.. All those other broads were just practice. Jasmine is my everything.. ♥


 He asks me about my past relationships, the problems, the struggles. so that he does not trigger me or do the same things. he came to restore. I am so thankful for this man. I thank my ex for treating me so bad, because had he not i would not know what a good man is.


my wife makes me feel complete. she knows how to make everythng in our lives is special.


One word: Laughter…who knew it was such an important factor in life, love, and happiness


I was recently pregnant and it was a terrible pregnancy in and out the hospital weekly constantly sick then I miscarried. She was there every single day for me. I bitched whined cried complain even took some frustration out on her but she never left my side. She comforted me and told me she loved me no matter what everyday


She showed me theirs so much more to life. She gave me the love and attention I was seeking. N showed me love doesn’t always have to hurt. And this one of the reason I love her.



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