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Monday’s show was all about throwing out old relationship mementos when you get into a new one. Should you discard cards, photos, trinkets and gifts when you get into another relationship?


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Should you get rid old mementos from a past relationship when you enter a new one?



It all depends on what it is. And why it was given to you. Now if it causes problems put away.






I haven’t gotten rid of my college sweetheart’s mementos. Maybe that’s why I am not completely over him.



no i wouldn’t make her throw them away but in the same token don’t let me come in the house to find them spread out



I don’t think its necessary to throw away things that mean something to you…even if it is from a past relationship…that’s all part of being a mature adult and able to be in a secure relationship…trust is everything…without it what’s the point!



NO, some look at these mementos as luggage but i view them as visual scars.. and every scar is a reminder of the pain endured as well as the healing they shouldn’t be posted up in the house for everyone to see



eryone has a history, that is the definition of a past relationship, but You don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. People usually only keep mementos of significant relationships. So if it is significant enough to hold onto then that relationship helped make you into who you are now. Don’t use that stuff to reflect and pine, pack it away for when your old and your grandkids ask you if grandpa was your only boyfriend and you can pull it out then and let em know grandma had some good times before grandpa!



Mementos can be always be a good thing. When I look at them it reminds me of how far I have come.



I do believe in getting rid of mementos of past relationships it just complicates things especially if ur still in love with ur ex cuz then its just like a constant reminder of wat u use to have even if u dont throw them away i think u should at least pack them up and put them away



I believe so….U cannot move forward with ur future if u still dwelling in the past…..



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