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I remember exactly where I was the first time B2K debuted their single “Uh-Huh” on 106 & Park. I was 12 in my bed and in the midst of losing my barely teenage mind over the sexiest black boy band of my time. The next day in school my friends and I chose the member from the new group that was our favorite. I chose J-Boog; I had no gripe with Raz-B, Lil’ Fizz or Omarion, there was just something about Jarell Damonte Houston (Yup, I know them by full name) that my sent my immature libido into a frenzy!

I woke up early March 12, 2001, in fact I didn’t sleep much. I clutched the $20 bill I had saved all week in my palm and dressed in the finest garmets a 12 year old could own. I met up with my friends outside of our Junior High School and ditched any thought of seeing the inside of it–B2K was going to be at Best Buy for a CD signing and we needed to be there early! My friends and I waited on-line for hours, chanting B2K lyrics with other fanatics and searching the crowd for any familiar B2K entourage member in hopes of finagling our way closer to the boys. To no avail- we settled for briefly shaking their hands once they signed the cover of our B2K CD.

Raz-B was nice, Fizz managed to not sign my CD, J-Boog spoke to me (OMG) and Omarion smiled with that goofy grin of his.

B2k were the modern day New Edition except in my opinion could dance better. March 12 marks the day that my their debut album took the Billboard charts by storm. It debuted number one on the R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart and number two on the Billboard 200. It sold 109,000 copies in it’s first week but went on to go platinum. Of all the 17 songs on B2K, Gots Ta Be is my all time favorite!

As an ultra B2K fan I’d give my left kidney to see a reunion but it’s highly unlikely with Raz-B in china and Omarion on his solo steez.


  1. Gots Ta Be – 5:21
  2. Understanding – 3:52
  3. Why I Love You – 4:00
  4. Uh Huh – 3:43
  5. B2K Is Hot (Skit) – 0:35
  6. B2K Is Hot – 3:39
  7. Fantasy – 3:44
  8. I’m Not Finished – 4:26
  9. Come On – 4:05
  10. Hey Little Lady (Interlude) – 0:28
  11. Hey Little Lady – 3:52
  12. Baby Girl – 4:50
  13. Your Girl Chose Me – 2:53
  14. Shorty – 3:22
  15. Feel This Way – 3:53
  16. Last Boyfriend – 3:27
  17. Here We Go Again – 4:07

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