The future of the Millennium Tour may be in jeopardy as it’s scheduled to come to a close later this month. Raz B is behind bars in Minneapolis for allegedly strangling his girlfriend. Local police took photos of her reported injuries as evidence. See Also: Already? Raz B Almost Quit B2K’s Millennium Tour The singer is […]

We’re only a week into the biggest reunion tour of the year and there’s already trouble in the throwback paradise. 

Yeah buddy…. I’m back at it! Tonight’s blast is a CLASSIC…. You Got Served. Remember when B2K was on top of the world? Dance wise…. this was a great movie. Even the acting wasn’t that bad. Ladies, get your popcorn and fellas…. get by a lady and enjoy.

Raz B former B2K member is officially apart of the bottle throwing crew expect hes not the one throwing them he’s the one receiving.  So Raz  made  the headlines of most blogs because of and incident that happened at one of his performances in China where he apparently lives (Who knew)? According to TMZ, Raz was […]

        Raz B former B2K member was hospitalized recently after a near death freak accident in his hotel room which  left him unconscious and bloodied.   The singer, who’s currently on tour in China, tripped and fell through a sliding glass door in his room and mutilated his wrist. Glass from the door cut […]

Raz-B’s brother Ricky Romance fought his way into a choke-hold after being kicked out club Playhouse last night which was caught on film by TMZ camera’s. Ricky Romance slapped one of the bouncers who then punched him so hard he hit the ground. After regaining his stance and charging at the bouncer again he was […]

An anonymous source leaked info to the net that Raz B is wanted in China for allegedly raping a 15 year old boy.  The investigation began on 3-12-11 when the boy made a report that he and Raz B unwillingly and willingly engaged in sexual acts. The 19 page affidavit claims the 25 year old […]

I remember exactly where I was the first time B2K debuted their single “Uh-Huh” on 106 & Park. I was 12 in my bed and in the midst of losing my barely teenage mind over the sexiest black boy band of my time. The next day in school my friends and I chose the member […]

Raz-B and Ricky Romance accused Yung Joc and his security team of attacking them at a show, and not allowing the controversial brothers to take the stage to perform. Video surfaced of the altercation but Yung Joc denies personally having been apart of the mayhem. He called radio station V-103 to clear his name. He advises Raz-B and Ricky to […]

After news broke that Raz B and his brother Ricky Romance had fought with Yung Joc’s entourage at the Salute The DJ awards in Atlanta, we knew it would only be a matter of time before video surfaced!

Raz-B’s brother, Ricky Romance was attacked last night at the Salute The DJ’s concert in Atlanta. Ricky claims that Atlanta rapper Yung Joc is the one responsible for the assault.

Raz-B’s brother, Ricky Romance has written a rather lengthy and wordy apology letter to Chris Brown for making threats to shoot Brown.