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Tonight it was all about your love dilemmas in the Love Zone. We covered love vs. lust, advantages of being single and much more! Check out the Love Zone Sun. – Thurs. at 10pm.

Check out some of the facebook and twitter Q &A from tonight. Feel free to post your own question on this page. To join the virtual Love Zone discussion visit www.ladawnblack.com.


Defiant – wut do u do whn ur in a relationship and whn everything is goin good Ur happy But then whn the arguments come Ur ready to go out on ya own n leav the relationship


LB – if u r constantly thinking of leaving ur relationship when things get rocky then maybe ur true desire is not to be with ur lover anymore. people can be perfect and still not b for us. if a situation is difficult, it may be time to look to leave.



Sheronne – I want to know how do you know when you REALLY love someone vs lust? Im in that situation right now…


LB – love vs. lust is a hard one to decipher. usually i suggest a quick look at how u guys relate when u r not having sex. is it still loving? is he attentive? do you share goals, future plans or ideals? it is all about taking sex out of the equation and seeing what is left. there is nothing wrong with having a strong sexual attraction, but for things to go the distance u have to have a lot more than the sexual thing clicking.



Jon – Do u think the real problem with dating is that people are too stuck in their single ways and it’s harder for people to compromise?


LB – yes, people are able to live fab single lives today (own homes, great careers, trips, kids and more). there really is little to get married for other than maybe love, stability or wanting your kids to have both parents in the home. back in the day financial stability, the ability to parent and much more was tied to being married. that has changed and being single is not a bad deal anymore.



Kelly – Why do people use the word LOVE to hold on to you? Like just because they say it, it’s supposed to make all the bull they did go away…


LB – because people know that most of us are chasing that great love and to simply hear the word for many people stops them in their tracks. not too many people are eager to throw away — love. don’t focus on the word — focus on the actions.



Melissa – How do I know if my relationship wit my boyfriend is goin to the next level?


LB – do u guys talk about the future or next steps? if not, then u may b stuck where u are.



Tyshawna – my fiance and are have been arguing over every small thing u can think of and everytime we argue it makes me want to leave and go chill with another guy sometimes, why do I feel this way knowing its him that I love and want to be with?????


LB – it may be cold feet. u r engaged and this is “the” guy and u may not b totally ready to make that huge life change. instead of running to the next guy u may want to just take a relationship timeout to see if being engaged is really what u want right now. this may b a case of moving a bit too fast, but know all couples approaching marriage have “what if” moments and u can move past it.

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