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The Love Zone was all about those rare times when sex is absolutely horrible. Check out these responses via Facebook and Twitter. To join the virtual Love Zone discussion visit www.ladawnblack.com for details.



Bad Sex Tales:

Jaimei was seeing this dude who was on house arrest and his mom would start trippin if he had ppl over so i would chill w/ him in the driveway. 1 nite, we were doing our thing and it had been like 2 hrs! it was like 100 degrees, my toes and knees were sleep. i started 2 think sumthin was wrong w/ me cuz this dude still wouldnt finish! well come 2 find out this dude was a pill head and could not finish!!!

Redz A chick so bad that I had to stop n think like “Darn how is ur sex that bad that I have to stop n get up n tell u that u need to do somethin bout that” n she was a bad chick!!!!! I felt bad but that’s how the cookie crumbles!!!!!
Asha – OMG having sex with someone younger than yourself, thinking he will have stamina, and he screws like a rabbit with his lil pee pee. And after all that, you still didnt feel nothing.
Neji thought the sex was good cause it was supa wett!! onlt to find out it was blood!!!!!! yeah thats the same thing i said!!
SimbaMine is when women think they the best on top but when it come time for them to get on top they a beginner.
EroticPleasureMy bad experience was when we were intimate and I thought he was using his fingers & found out he was inside of me