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As much as we love Kobe for his game winning shots, Shaq for his defense on the court, and Ron Artest for his psychological issues, we absolutely HATE them for their attempts to be rappers.

After winning the championship this past week- Ron Artest decided to drop a new song called “Champions” (Slaps forehead). Why is it that being a millionaire athlete isn’t enough- you have to conquer the rap world too?

Listen to Champions:

Now let’s check out the worst of the worst. They are in no particular order- they’re ALL bad.

Shaq- I Know I Got Skillz

In case you are wondering, yes he did say “I lean on the statue of liberty when I get tired,

than I’ll punch you in the stomach, I don’t give a heck,

(hey yo, why you bug a hooker like that?)

yo, she breathed on my neck”

Kobe Bryant- K.O.B.E

Roy Jones Jr.- Ya’ll Must Of Forgot

Stephan Marbury- Freestyle

Allen Iverson- 40 Bars

Deion Sanders- Must Be The Money

No, it must be your raps!

The Cincinnati Bengels(1989) -Who Dey Rap

Cedric Ceballos- Flow On

The Chicago Bears- The Superbowl Shuffle

This is the worst thing I have ever seen in my life.

Chris Webber- Tell Me How Ya Do It

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