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Open Question Night in the Love Zone gets crazy. Check out some of the Q&A from the show and feel free to leave your question in the comment section. Make sure you check out the Love Zone with LaDawn Black at 10pm Sun-Thurs.

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Brandi: me and my boyfriend are both in school but still very much mommy’s girl and boy and still living with them. our mothers cant stand each other what are we to do? …. we respect their wishes and see each other when we can but they still argue and fuss. what can we do?


LB: this is a great lesson to learn early — leave ur family out of your relationship. hear what they have to say but also make it clear to them that u r an adult and able to make the best decisions for u. don’t worry about them getting along because that will come with time and the truth is that if u guys make it the long run and the babies start to come you will b amazed at how fast fences are mended in order to not miss a second of the grandkids.




LB: these are stereotypes. we as women have as much right as a man to determine our level of sexuality. do not concern yourself with other’s labels.


Ashley: my ex & i have been broken up 4 almost 2 years now. throughout this 2 years she’s been in & out of relationships but 4 some reason we still manage 2 “deal” wit each other. rite now she’s in a relationship & i have a friend, but she still wants to see me and tells me that she loves me.established that we’re still in love wit each other. idk wut 2 do & it scares me cuz i don’t wanna do anything 2 hurt my friend. @ times i be feelin like i’m keepin myself unhappy by still bein in love wit her while she plays house wit her gf. i need help. do u have any advice 4 me???


LB: break the habit of this old relationship because if she really wanted to be with u she’d leave her girl. this is a power thing where she can say that she can always have u. don’t allow anyone to treat u like this. plus, things with ur new friend will never gel while ur ex is lurking in the background.


Jeffrey: What do you do when you’ve given your all, but nothing ever seems 2 be enough? Do you keep trying or walk away?


LB: u have to see it for what it is and sometimes walking away is the only answer.


Oren: Do you feel its proper dating etiquette to split plates during a date. This is done primarily to save food.


LB: it is cool to do with someone who you have been seeing for some time and who understands your situation. a first date – noooo……

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