Your workout is very important but you can’t see results if your eating habits aren’t on point. The best workouts that are good for trimming your waistline. The example above is for the dip & crunch the targets the harder body parts that don’t trim down as fast.  Eat no fried for for 21 days […]

The winter weather is just another season to people that are in to working out. They don’t worry about anything but how they can get in a workout. The colder it is outside the better the workout could be for you body. It forces you to drink more water and stretch before you workout. Source: […]

The weather has changed but that doesn’t mean your workout should suffer. You need your health and you have to stay in shape, so don’t get lazy because it’s cold outside. Warm up and stretch indoors before you head outside to workout. I will start giving you new ways to look at workouts that work […]

We all don’t have time to run to the gym nor do we have equipment at home to use. I do most body weight workouts so I can workout anywhere I go. I try to make time for me everyday but it doesn’t always happen, so I can do small things at work and with […]

The best way to workout is without working out. What do I meam by that? Have so much fun doing your workout that you forget you working out. I enjoy being in the gym so I push myself harder than the avaerage workout. Playing outside is a great way to stay in shape. Playing with […]

You have to make sure that you stay focused during the Fall because the weather will have you slacking off on your workouts. I did slack off last year but I am determined to push myself this weekend to stay on track for the Fall..Make plans to keep a record of your progress so you […]

The daily routine of pushing things or pulling things to you never crosses your mind as a workout. You are really working different muscle groups when you open or close doors but you aren’t working them for growth. You have to workout now to prtect your body from injury later. Source: Push & Pull Workouts […]

You need to get more out of your workout on the weekend, so let’s change it up a little bit. Life is moving fast but you need to take time to enjoy yourself and stay in shape at the same time. You have to be committed to yourself and your workout will show results. Source: […]

  The workouts that will always push us to our limits. Old School workouts that put you in the right frame of mind and keep you in shape. I put it on you to make you fitness a priority in your life. The body will only show the results of your work so push yourself […]

We all want to be in shape with less work in the gym but it’s almost impossible to get in shape with no work. You don’t have to run to the gym everyday, but you should plan to do some kind of activity to boost your heart rate. Your over all body will thank you […]

Working Out is the best way to feel good about yourself but you don’t have to lift weights to get in shape. I am a firm believer that you have to work for the results you want. You do not have to go to the gym for your workouts. Source: Self Workouts Follow Me On […]

Some people want to know the best day to do Delts… It is really up to you but you should think like I do, because I like working my Delts on my Back Day at the gym. It is the back of the Shoulder and it doesn’t put extra stress on my Shoulder workout. Fatigued […]