Read some tweets from residents of Aleppo in the gallery below. Our prayers are with them.

The former Victoria's Secret model recently expressed how uncomfortable she's become about the recent drama among the new crop of models.

ISIS killed 30-year-old Syrian activist and journalist Ruqia Hassan in September. To make it even more painful, the group hacked her Facebook account to trick her friends and colleagues into thinking she was still alive.

Ok by now you’ve been asking yourself the same question. What are they? What are they doing? Why are they just sitting there? Should I be worried? Well I found the answers! They are missile detectors and all they do is…. detect missiles lol. the MD’s scan the friendly skies from as far north as […]

We got something to uplift your spirits today. Listen to the audio player to hear Charles Jenkins and Fellowship Chicago “War” in the latest Praise Break!…

You gotta love when a hometown artist gets national love and King Los has been on his P.R. grind talking to industry folks and promoting his latest album with RCA records, God, Money, War. King Los also known as, Carlos Coleman, is Baltimore artist who’s name has been known in the streets for quite sometime […]

One thing you can say about the boy Los……He can spit. You can’t take that away from the boy. And this new joint “War” is proof positive of that fact. This video comes at a time where our city needs this message of struggle through violence. Stop killing each other and the day to day […]

Nicki Minaj‘s ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels had a sentimental moment on Twitter about missing Nicki’s New Year’s kiss as the ball dropped into 2015. His tweet read, “New Years kiss… my 1st year w/o 1 in over a decade… this will be different… it’s between Vegas and LA. Where should I end up?” He deleted the […]

To remember the events of September 11th, I decided to show my love and appreciation to the United States Air Force. This day also falls on Patriots Day as well so, it’s fitting. When you think about the what took place that day, it still amazes me that this actually happened in the United States. […]

It was reported earlier that a suspicious letter was sent to President Obama.  The FBI has confirmed that both the letters sent to President Barack Obama and a Mississippi senator have tested positive for poisonous ricin and are both postmarked from Memphis, Tennessee.  It was also reported by a senator that the police have a […]

Britney’s BACK! Britney Spears is on to BIGGER and BETTER things after FOX’s X-Factor and she’s ready to take Vegas by storm with her new residency at the MGM Grand.  Her new residency, however, comes with some strict rules as Britney is not allowed to gamble, have company in her hotel suite. and even has […]