The man that threatened to kill students at Howard University will have time to think about his mistake. John Edgar Rust was arrested Wednesday for his threat to kill students at Howard University! He was away in college at Missouri University when he first thought about it so he came back home to Maryland. John […]

 J Cole received a disturbing tweet from an OBSESSED fan yesterday! The fan tweeted a picture  of a little girl with a gun to her head (allegedly the fan’s sister) and threatened to shoot her if Cole did not retweet his message. The tweet  is seen below. Read more on this story at!

Via Students who go to Digital Harbor High School were threatened on Monday. But, parents were not informed until Thursday. A student threatened to reenact the Newtown school shooting. Read more. Bulletproof Back Pack For School Kids Elementary School Shooting: How To Help 461 Guns Voluntarily Surrendered In Baltimore After Sandy Hook Shooting

Via Former University of Maryland student is being sentenced after a threat to go on shooting rampage at school. After making an online threat, Alexander Song, was arrested in March. Song pleads guilty to the charges. Read More. Hurricane Ballin’ On A Budget! (tips to prepare for Sandy) Hurricane Sandy aka “Frankenstorm” Has Killed […]

Via: The Washington Post Macs get viruses too. For years, Mac users have been able to believe that they are safer than the average computer user and turned their noses up at antivirus software. But as Apple’s market share has grown, so has the threat to Mac users’ security. Last week, a Russian-based security company […]

After the recent Pitbull attack on 7 year old Amanda Mitchell in Dundalk, do you wonder if the breed is dangerous or is this just another isolated incident? Some say they are misunderstood and others say they are a danger to society.  What do you think? I am Pitbull owner and a mother…and this is […]