Her post-race interview has drawn conversation from all sides. "Count me out if you want to," Richardson said. More inside.

The 2021 Olympic Opening Ceremony featured bright and innovative fashions.

I can’t wait til Friday! I love watching the opening ceremonies to the Olympics. The countries, the outfits, and the show! And it’s like 3 hours long! It’s a great time for the world to come together especially during this pandemic. Let’s go USA! Click HERE to get patriotic!

SOUL CAP, a Black-owned swimming cap brand, was denied by FINA (the federation for international competitions in water sports) because they feel elite athletes “don’t require caps of such size.”

The International Olympic Committee reissued their stance on barring political speech or silent acts of protest at the games, with a specific reference to the phrase "Black Lives Matter."

One of the four elements of Hip-Hop (MC's, DJ's, graffiti and breakdancing breaking/b-boying) is now a proper Olympic sport. Today (Dec. 7), it was announced that "breaking" will be included as part of the 2024 Summer Games in Paris.

Hilariously, along with the news of the 2020 Summer Olympics getting its wig pushed back because of the coronavirus, Dick Pound's name is trending because well, his name is Dick Pound. Now keep in mind his real name is Richard, he chooses to go by Dick, so this is all on him.

When Simone Biles was apart of the famous Final Five! The USA has always been good at the Olympic Games but our Gymnastics Team really has the most competition than any other sport at the Olympic Games. Simone Biles was apart of the famous Final Five in 2016 but has not stop pushing for greatness. […]


Baltimore’s own Michael Phelps who has more Olympic Medals than anybody else in History is speaking up for others in the games. Michael Phelps said he wanted to die after going through post Olympic depression and wants something done about it for other Olympic Athletes. He said it gets bad and he simply wanted to […]

Fashion Forward

She's already breaking records at age 12. Usain Bolt better watch out!

In a video that's been circulating on social media, Roker shuts down Billy Bush, who argues that Lochte "embellished" his story.