Meek Mill must serve a minimum of two years in prison for violating his probation.

So the plot thickens for Meek Mill… TMZ is now reporting that although Meek was not arrested for this alleged assault, he still has to appear in court for it, which could possible violate him because he is still on probation. My thoughts: Bad time to be catching L’s homie! Hopefully it all works out […]

Meek Mill was involved in a fight that broke out in at an airport in St. Louis, where witnesses say things started popping off when Meek took flight. It was reported that he was arrested, but this video proves otherwise. Is this a case of self defense or another rapper stunting on someone that they felt was […]

Seems another Philly rapper is calling Meek Mill out for being extra and arrogant. Fellow Philly native Oschino explains his feelings and them of the streets towards Meek Milly. What you think, true or false?     Catch me on your radio live weekends on 92q Follow me on all social media @lilblacktheceo  

So the war of the words or should I say tweets is on as Meek Mill and girlfriend Nicki Minaj are now going at it. Allegedly. Is the rap game WWE now or what? As more details come down, you know I got you but the questionable MTO has a little proof here. Want news at your fingertips? […]

Meek Mill and the Dreamchasers were recently in Vegas performing when Kevin Hart aka Chocolate Drop made an appearance for a quick friendly freestyle battle. This is the definition of true friendship. ALSO TRENDING: Erica Mena Shades Bow Wow In The Most Clever Way Ever, Bow Wow Claps Back Yooo Kevin Hart Just Aired Out […]

video contains explicit language   So the beef edges on between rappers Drake and Meek Mill as Drake was performing in Philly for his Summer16 tour and had some choice words for Meek in which fellow Philly friends and goons didn’t take lightly. As a result of Drakes rant he had some uninvited guests waiting […]

  Wow gotta say in the midst of fighting 2 battles 1 with follow rapper 50cent and one with Drake Meek Mill maybe finally winning something. He recently donated 60,ooo bottles of water out of his own pocket to the families in Flint,Michigan to aid in the cause there. I hope the judge shows some […]

Meek Mill premiered the cover for his ‘Dream Chasers 4‘ mixtape. Just when I was thinking that the hip hop drama was dying down, Meek Mill has made me think other wise. After being sat down by Drake on the Grammy nominated ‘Back 2 Back’, Meek finally is clapping back at Drake. Drake wasn’t the […]

Somebody is out to try to destroy the Ross family before they could turn a house into a home.  We just got word from MTO that Lira use to be sitting on the floor of the rapper Slim Thug. So basically, whoever is throwing salt and shade is bringing up all of Rick Ross’s fiance’s past. CLICK […]

Rockie Fresh released a teaser trailer for his 'The Night I Went To...' mixtape, which will be released for fans for free.

  Welp….It’s official.   Allegedly.  Word on the skreets is that Rick Ross has taken back his love and his ring from his now EX-Wife to be, IG model Lira Mercer/Galore.  No one knows why or what caused the breakup, but they said Ross done already deleted her existence from his social media.  Wow this […]