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Last night was open question night on the show. Check out a few of the many love dramas solved last night ….


I have been married for one year and we decided six months ago to separate.  I moved back in and my wife has been difficult. I moved out again and I don’t deal with her anymore. Why can’t she forgive?

People like to give lip service to their grand ability to move on from hurt, but the truth is that it is very difficult for most people to do. You should never stay in a situation where it seems that the person just wants you around to torture you. I agree with you leaving. I would suggest seeking out a counselor to get some clarity on what went wrong and whether or not the marriage is dead.


Dated a woman for two years and grew attached to her son. We are no longer together, but I see that she is taking him around new men and he is getting attached to them. I want to talk to her about it because I still care about his welfare.

Don’t approach that woman about her child. It is admirable that you still care, but the truth is that you are not a legal part of this child’s life and you no longer have a say. You are going to have to let go and move on. 


Our first wedding anniversary is coming up and I want to get my husband the perfect gift.

It is the paper anniversary and a great reminder of your special day on paper framed would be a cool gift like a newspaper clipping or a wedding invite.  Also, a sexy photo of you may make waves. The best gift … just ask him what he would like and do it!


Should you stay in the same house with your spouse if they are no longer sleeping with you?

No! Once the relationship is over if you can secure your own space, do it. It aids in smoothing things out faster and limits daily conflict. 

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