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Should you air out your relationship issues on social media?


  • Hell no that gives the vultures the ok to move in on your mate, and everyone else the ok to judge you and your mate.
  • I dont think so! I am a victim of this and does nothing to help the situation!!!
  • Never u let the world in to judge, project negativity, homewreckers etc
  • Nope…. Everything ain’t for everybody. Social media is strictly for entertainment. That’s it!
  • Sometimes you have to shame some people if their behavior is just so bad. 
  • Twitter is a little different from Facebook because you don’t know most of your followers personally. If you must put your mate on blast via social media (because sometimes feedback and advice via the internet is therapeutic), use twitter
  • Absolutely Nottttttttt, its called Social Media for a reason, and not Personal Platform… IJS, folk r not prepared for comments that r not in agreement with them, That Is All.
  • No it’s not a good idea to air out your dirty laundry on social media, because somebody might use what you said against you one day. Plus your problem should be between you & the other person not everybody else being in your business.


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