It seems everyone has their way of trying to play the system, especially if a nice check could be involved.

Whatever you do in your life just make sure you dont end up like this guy. In this video you see a naked man lock himself outside his hotel on accident. Somebody  should have helped this guy.   ALSO TRENDING: Young Thug Says There Will Be “Two Brides” At His Wedding 50 Cent Posts Timer […]

This was taking things way too far. If her husband had any sense he should leave her and let her get plumbed by the plumber. Some of the footage in this video may be offensive to some viewers. Please watch with caution.   source 

While her BF, Tyga, was having the worst week ever, Kylie Jenner, hopped on snapchat to show off her non transgender goodies. The odd part is she’s not saying or really doing too much…Just the signature, sexy pose+ blank stare combo, a little lip syncing and the worst Stanky Leg the world has ever seen.  #RhythmlessNation […]

Is this real life? LOL According to Jamie Fox it is:)   He was on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show talking about his latest project, Mike Tyson’s bio pic, and discussed a real life altercation between Tyson and Sisqo of Dru Hill.  According to the Oscar winning actor, Tyson had a party at his home in […]

Dear Lord, please don’t let me say anything mean. Amen. OK, so yes this is real. Another Kardashian thinks they can sang and hey maybe she really can. Word is, Kylie Jenner and her producer/bae, Tyga,are working on a secret album and it’s supposedly sounds Tinashe’-esque. Let’s hope she’s better than her sissy Kim and that […]

A$AP Rocky goes all the way in on RocNation Pop Star, Rita Ora, when asked about him referencing her on his latest album.  The NYC rapper says he doesn’t usually kiss and tell but when you out him and damage his relations, it’s war! & Yes, Nicki is spilling the beans on what she likes […]

In the midst of the unrest in B’more, there is hope and of course, humor on the gram..via ratchet rich memes. The D.A. salutes the good, bad and hilarious in the #BmoreNahMemes edition of the #Instagrammys. Big shouts to … @Jrandall_23 aka J. Randall   @T_double87 aka Todd Curtis CLICK Here to see the winners […]

Plies Gets Slammed By a Fan!!!! We’re gonna go ahead and put this in the “Dayummm!” files.  Wow, Plies seriously needs to hire new security.  While at a gig in Florida, a fan joined the 5’5 “Bust It Baby” MC on stage then things get fugly.   Plies goes in on the fan for getting […]

  K.  Michelle vs. Nicki Minaj…who rocked it better and what’s the Meek Mill connection? + Jeremih Get’s Arrested & Breezy back with his Ride or Die! all that and more in ….   First off, Jeremih was arrested at a Newark airport after he tried to sneak a friend onto a plane.  The plane […]

Jay Z’s alleged side chick and Beyonce’s latest hater, a rapper by the name of Yes Liv Can, joined The D.A. to talk about her claims in the diss track, “Sorry Ms. Carter”.   The Beyhive is still a-buzz and hip-hop fans have raised a brow.  This m.c., Yes Liv Can, has been linked to Hov before and […]

  POTUS talks Father’s Day and what’s up with the Jay Z vs Kanye beef?   Yes, friend of the show and one of the most famous dads in the world, President Barrack Obama, got on the phone with The D.A. today. We wished him an early Happy Father’s Day and we had to ask […]