The Ravens have undeniably earned their spot at Super Bowl XLVII. So, today the city of Baltimore hosted a “send off” pep rally for the Baltimore Ravens.  Baltimore Ravens fans have been noted as some of the best NFL in the nation. Fans gathered this afternoon despite the weather conditions.  Purple pride isn’t scarce in this city! With the City lite […]

I can’t believe how amazing this year’s Charm School in the Charm City Mentoring Conference was! This year, the girls were able to identify some major areas in their lives that needed much attention from self-confidence, proper etiquette, healthy lifestyle and embracing their business sense. Special thanks to Cori Ramos and her staff at The […]

Via Due to the snow that is approaching  Maryland this afternoon local schools are closing early. Please make sure that you know if your child’s school is closing early. Here is a list of reported closings: Annapolis Area Christian School Annapolis / Anne Arundel / MD Friday: 2 Hour Early Dismissal; 01/25/2013, Baltimore County […]

Via The Harbaugh brothers are the first siblings to face off coaching their teams in the Super Bowl. The brothers insist on making the game about their teams and not them. They don’t want he public to focus on them and forget about why they are there. Read More.  Your Favorite Wedding Songs Who’s Your Favorite […]

Via More snow is coming this way after yesterday’s snow fall. Around Friday afternoon more snow as the temperature drops to the low teens. So, expect snow in your afternoon commute. Read More.  Your Favorite Wedding Songs Win $300 By Taking Our Music Survey! It’s Date Night! But You Both Have The Flu!!! [Tips]

Via The City of Baltimore has issued a code blue for citizens. The 20 below weather can cause serious health concerns. 14 shelters have extended their hours to aid people who need shelter. Other shelters are encouraged to do the same. Please call 311 for persons needing shelter. Read More. Why Is Buying A […]

Via Lawmakers are rallying with labor groups to raise minimum wage for workers. The current minimum wage is $7.25. Supporters of the increase want to see it at $10.00 by 2015. Read More. Why Is Buying A Car So Stressful??? Can Your Lover Answer Your Cell? Kanye West’s Ex-Girlfriend Calls His Relationship With Kim […]

Via After a Towson boy was mauled by a pit bull in 2007.  As a result pit bulls were titles as “inherently dangerous” animals. Landlords and property management began to implement breed restrictions on the animals. forcing pet owners to choose between their pets and their home. Read More.  The Internet Kills Wale, Rapper […]

Via  Baltimore Police have arrested and charged 33-year-old Foye Minton. Minton was a physical education teacher who was the Dean of Student Athletics. He is being accused of having a relationship with Shoshana S. Cardin when she was 16-years-old. Read More.  Facebook Friend Gives Flu Survival Tips President Obama Unveils His Plan To Limit […]

Via  Baltimore was ranked on at 7 as “the worst city to find a job”. Baltimore’s unemployment rate is at 10 percent. This number is above the state and national average. Read More.  Ray-Off Dance-Off Winner Announced… Ray Lewis “Denver Final Ride” Club Track Produced By K.W. Griff [LISTEN HERE] Rihanna Shows All […]

Via  A trade school in Baltimore, Wheaton, and Columbia closed down in the middle of classes telling students that they had to leave the building because school no longer had any money. American Career Institute left students without an education and staff without employment. The school claims that it was no longer able to […]

Via  So it wasn’t just us that thought 2012 was a bit toasty. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration the U.S had its warmest year in history. The average temperature was 55 degrees. Is this a warning or just mother nature? Read More.  Are You Being Ratchet in 2013?? One Change That […]