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Mothers always have the strongest and quietest influences on us and we want to wish all the mothers, mentors, and strong woman around the world a Happy Mothers Day! Without you, none of us would be on this earth. So kick back, relax and enjoy your day! How are you planning to spend your mothers day? Tell […]

Via Foxbaltimore.com  Baltimore was ranked on CareerBliss.com at 7 as “the worst city to find a job”. Baltimore’s unemployment rate is at 10 percent. This number is above the state and national average. Read More.  Ray-Off Dance-Off Winner Announced… Ray Lewis “Denver Final Ride” Club Track Produced By K.W. Griff [LISTEN HERE] Rihanna Shows All […]

Queen of Funk, Chaka Khan celebrate her 59th birthday today on March 23rd. The legendary singer, born Yvette Marie Stevens is known for her undeniable vocals and soul capturing music. She is a 10-time Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter who gained fame in the 1970s as the frontwoman and focal point of the funk band Rufus. […]