Long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…. Hip Hop beef was born. Rappers been doing this forever. Kool Moe Dee vs. LLCool J, Ice Cube vs. NWA, KRS-ONE vs. MC Shan…. I mean the list is long as hell!! But here’s a blast from the past. Since my girl Foxy Brown jumped in […]

This is a rap beef none of us wanted, but hey, it's here.

Beanie Sigel is no stranger to rap beef, so he’s decided to offer up some advice for Meek Mill to run with. The Philly rapper’s Instagram counseling session…

After Drake unleashed to crazy diss tracks directed towards Meek then kicked off his OVO Fest going in on Meek fans now are asking, did this Drake and Meek Mill beef just get taken to another level? Immediately after Drakes concert there was an after party that didnt  end to well for two of his fans, […]

As you can imagine, things between Nicki Minaj and her longtime friend Drake have to be very strange and very strained since her boyfriend Meek…

Last night was like a scene out of Mean Girls, and Meek Mill was Regina George. Following his girlfriend’s miscommunication with Taylor Swift, Meek Mill…

By now you’ve seen or heard about the debacle at the Knicks game involving Steve Stoute and 50 Cent. If you haven’t catch up right  HERE. Any whooo, the argument all stemmed from 50’s prior feelings towards Steve. They had label issues in the past and recently Steve Stoute shaded 50 during an interview. Check […]

Well, first of all Drake wants you to know he is NOT lonely or emotional, he hates social media and more!! If you have some time on your hands check out this hour long interview where he discusses ALL of his business!! DRAKE AND FUTURE KISS AND MAKE UP KENDRICK LAMAR DISSES DRAEK AGGAIIINNN!! *** […]

I smell a beef brewing. Future was set to tour with Drake and Miguel for Drakes’ “Would You Like A Tour” tour (lol). However, after Future made a couple comments over at Billboard Magazine about Drake’s album, Drake’s team dropped him from the tour (allegedly). The Ybf is reporting: Now that Future’s been tossed from Drake’s “Would […]

Kendrick Lamar is at it again. This time at the BET Hip Hop Awards. His Hip-Hop Cypher is clearly going at Drake AGAIN…This time no mercy. Check it out below but, I think Kendrick is just showing off now. Yeah…and nothing’s been the same since they dropped “Control” And tucked a sensitive rapper back in his […]