We have seen over and over again how competitive these high school games and events can be. We have seen parents threaten and chase after the students, parents versus other parents or even parents versus the coaches or refs. After a number of occurrences, Anne Arundel County Public Schools systems are cracking down on what […]

DreThought: People who play games with others never win in the end. Players will someday become a toy of a better player. It’s called karma!

The boss Rick Ross drop the video for his single No Games featuring Future today.with Future on the hook he makes a cameo on the video. Directed by Colin Tilley, the story line is set in the future. Rick Ross sits on a desk with with to fine women on each side. with big boy guns right […]

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Do you blame the coaching on the Ravens losing to the Steelers? #92qjams #ravensnation #baltimore #Maryland #Monday iam Manny‏@A_1_AVE @DreJohnson1 we just don’t have a true go to guy on offense and our defense faster but they ain’t as smart as our past defenses #boldin Toiya Best‏@ThickDiva428 @DreJohnson1 lol it is that serious, […]

Whatever happened to the innocent children games like Freeze Tag, Hide & Go Seek, Itz. I mean, I must admit, we did have ‘Hide & Go Freak’ and ‘Spin The Bottle’ but the games they kids are playing now, make our horny pre-teen games look like Children’s Choir rehearsal. According to Daily Mail, the latest […]

There are over 425,000 games in Apple’s app store, so how do you know which ones are must-haves? “Angry Birds” or “Plants vs Zombies” are for kids and toll booth workers killing time on their phone. The iPad games listed below are the games that will make your boys go “oh sh*t, what is that??” […]