Adam Johnson is suspected of being one of several members of domestic terrorists who attacked the U.S. Capitol.

Zanotti, Wilcox, and James stand accused of kidnaping and conspiracy to commit kidnapping which carries a maximum penalty of life in prison if found convicted.

Sincere Pierce, 18, and A.J. Crooms, 16, were killed by Brevard County Sheriff's Office cops in Cocoa, Florida, despite dashcam video suggesting the officers didn't need to shoot at the car in which the teens were driving.

Nine months after local Jacksonville rapper Lilbucks died in a shooting in January, police finally made arrests in connection to the murder and discovered the suspects are father and son.

Florida has proven itself to be one of the craziest places in the country for plenty of reasons, so just add this one to the list.

Kimora “Kimmie” Lynum, a 9-year-old Florida girl who succumbed to the coronavirus, became the youngest resident to die from the ongoing pandemic.

Salau, 19, was active in the Black Lives Matter movement and was an outspoken figure. On June 6, Salau shared details of a sexual assault incident and was reported missing shortly after.

A few years after turning social media into an online Justice Department with the release of Making A Murderer, Netflix has once again turned a true crime story into a viral hit with it’s latest docu-series Tiger King, and again viewers like Cardi B are getting involved and demanding justice for everyone involved one way […]

Last September, a police officer in Orlando, Florida made national headlines after he arrested a 6-year-old and 8-year-old at a local elementary school. Now, newly released bodycam footage shows the incident in which fired officer Dennis Turner arrested a crying six-year-old and bragging that she broke his record for the youngest person he’d ever placed […]

  Deandre Somerville, 21-year-old gets 10 days after he reportedly overslept and missed jury duty. Somerville was reportedly chosen as a juror for a civil trial in August and ordered to return the next day. However, he woke up and realized he overslept, which led him to look up punishments he could possibly face in […]

Hurricane Dorian has washed bricks of cocaine ashore on two Florida beaches near Orlando. Police at Paradise Beach Park on Tuesday were alerted that something suspicious had been washed up on the beach. According to NBC, the package was tested and confirmed to be cocaine. Police were also alerted about a duffel bag that had […]

It seems that when Florida Hip-Hop artists talk that talk they mean it. One performer in question is now on the lamb for allegedly catching a body. As spotted on HipHopDX is reporting that Lil Dell has booked it to an undisclosed location after being charged with first-degree murder. ABC3 Florida is reporting that the […]