Juicy had such a great experience at America’s Best, that she decided to remix Rihanna‘s R&B jam, “Sex With Me.” Rickey Smiley can barely get words out of his mouth as Juicy sings her version. Check out the hilarious exclusive video above to see her sing it out! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Tune in […]

Not gonna do a lot of talking (texting) …..just push play if you love J.Cole. His documentary “Eyes” is making waves right now. everybody is wondering who is talking about on the joint “False Prophets“. Is it Kanye….Drake…..Wale……WHO??? Well watch it and see for yourself.

Here are some eye exercises.  Ever thought about Yoga for the eyes?  The eyes are the windows to your soul.  The eyes provide the sense of sight.  The eyes need to be stretched for your sensual healing.  Most of us do not exercise our eye muscles at all, but yet, we work them all the […]