GOP leaders also shuttered C-SPAN's live coverage of the protest, but that did not stop policy makers from tweeting and posting live feeds on Facebook and Periscope to disseminate their cause.


Should the Black Lives Matter movement host/sponsor a presidential debate/forum to see where candidates stand on our issues?

From Obama and his critics to Bishop T.D. Jakes and his lawyers, Jeff Johnson chats with Rickey Smiley about politics and morality on this edition of 3 Things…


The 2014 Mid-Term elections are just a few months away. Republicans are ramping up their messaging machine and seem to be controlling the narrative, hitting…


Hillary Clinton (pictured) has regained her popularity among Black Democratic voters in a recent poll with the Huffington Post and YouGov. Forty-eight percent of Blacks…

One of the main reasons why love goes south is bad finances. During the government shutdown take care of your relationship with these budgeting tips.

Jay-Z and Beyonce raised $4 million for Obama’s campaign by holding a $40,000 per plate dinner for the President. The Carters had great intention but Beyonce was criticized harshly for sporting a Republican red dress to the dinner! Its like wearing a Steelers jersey to a Ravens game! Traditionally, the First Lady and other influential […]

Photo by Louis Curry III Baltimore definitely showed up and showed out to IVote Maryland‘s first major event “Express Your Voice Concert Series” at Bourbon Street last night. Over 400 people came out to hear the message of the importance of voting as well as enjoyed performances by some of Baltimore’s most influential artists. The […]

There are five early voting centers in Baltimore City, Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Montgomery and Prince George's counties. There are three centers in Howard County. There is one early voting center in each of the remaining Maryland count