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Experts at Johns Hopkins University believe that we’re turning the corner on COVID-19’s winter wave. As expected, the encouraging news is based on booster shot distribution in the state as nearly 46% of Maryland residents have been boosted. The Center’s for Disease Control and Prevention, along with data from December (2021), maintain that vaccines and boosters help keep people out of the hospital, or worse.

“We’re beginning to see real-world data about the effectiveness of a booster dose, particularly against theĀ omicron variant,” said Dr. Bill Moss, executive director of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s International Vaccine Access Center. “That booster dose (is) 90% effective against preventing hospitalizations, compared to about 60% effectiveness with two doses,” Moss continued. “For emergency room visits, (it’s) about 82% effective with three doses, but with two doses, (it’s) only 38%. And then, lastly, a study suggesting that those who’ve had a booster dose have twice the level of protection against infection.”

According to the CDC’s website to track Maryland data, COVID-19 hospital admissions have been on a decline the last few days. However, the number is still high at 232.14 on a 7-day moving average. There have been 414 deaths in the last 7 days (6.8 per) and a total of 30,149 positive cases (498.7 per).

Be safe, Baltimore. We continue to wish good health for you and your families during this tough time.