While going to college is something that is always debated, choosing a major is always a tough challenge even if you think you know what you want to do in life. Earn Your Leisure posted a recent poll courtesy of CNBC & The Federal Reserve Bank of New York of the worst-paying college majors. On […]

Student Athletes may finally get the “Athletic Reparations” that is definitely long overdue. About a month ago the Governor of the State of California signed a bill in action on the HBO hit series, ” The Shop” executive produced by NBA Star and Los Angeles Lakers Power Forward LeBron James. The bill allows student athletes […]

Megan Thee Stallion did it up for her first Cognac Queen Pageant.

Yet, let a Black student get into a prestigious school, affirmative action is blamed.


Anyone who wants to go to college ALWAYS dreamed of it being FREE, especially the parents of their son/daughter doesn’t get a scholarship. Well, if Baltimore County Executive, Kevin Kamenetz, plan goes throuh, students attending community college will have that oppurtunity. On Monday, Kamenetz announced his proposal for his fiscal year 19, includes a Baltimore […]

The man that threatened to kill students at Howard University will have time to think about his mistake. John Edgar Rust was arrested Wednesday for his threat to kill students at Howard University! He was away in college at Missouri University when he first thought about it so he came back home to Maryland. John […]

Yara Shahidi has got her pick of schools to attend this fall! As college acceptance season begins to wind down, many high school seniors are still waiting to find out which school they got into. The Black-ish star, however, doesn’t have to wonder because she got into all the schools she applied for. Yara, who […]

The four brothers are living out their collegiate dreams with most prestigious universities in the country.

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Marvel Comics character Riri Williams, an African-American woman superhero, was featured in MIT’s admissions video.

Baltimore, you better get ready! It’s time for us to get in ‘Step‘. Fox Searchlight has coughed up $4 Million dollars to acquire Baltimore based documentary, Step! According to THR, Step is “first graduating class of Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women, which opened in 2009 with a mandate to send every student to college, despite […]


A course on OutKast being offered at Armstrong University in Savannah, Georgia, will delve into how the group’s ideas about "the South and southernness” influenced other artists.

Dee-1’s Knowledge For College Tour with Sallie Mae will travel from college to college, teaching students the importance of borrowing responsibly.