The Secret Service has briefed the President – a man shot himself in front of White House. CNN says this could speed up talks about gun control. They aren’t sure why or what happened so they are still investigating the incident.  The President is in Florida and Secret Service said the shooting happened on the north […]

This Aaron Hernandez situation gets more interesting as the days go by. Earlier today, a judge has tossed out Hernandez murder conviction. Shortly after the ruling, Bristol County District Attorney said that prosecutors would appeal the ruling. CNN reports, “Massachusetts courts have generally recognized a legal rule called “abatement ab initio,” or abatement, in which […]

The first lady of the United States Of America will open up and speak tonight as only she can. She says that her and President Donald Trump are two independent people making things work but she is stronger than most know. She makes him listen to what she believes about their private life. She will […]

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo received major backlash on Thursday for his comments during a recent radio interview.

I am starting to see why Donald Trump calls CNN “Fake News”. They seem not to be able to differentiate between celebrities. For a while now, Faith Evans, the ex-wife of Notorious B.I.G. has been promoting that she’s working on a duet album with the late rapper. It seems that CNN must have forgotten what […]

The President-elect said that the cable news outlet was "fake news" and told Jim Acosta he wouldn't answer his questions.

The CNN personality had one heck of a New Year's Eve on Saturday night!

Fulton writes that Clinton's emphasis on the Black Lives Matter movement and her promise to continue President Obama's efforts to enact gun reform if elected influenced her decision.

We want to send our prayers out to those in Paris, as a series of coordinated attacks have swept across the city leaving 60 people dead and more injured. According to CNN, there is also a hostage situation going on right now. We will keep you up to date with coverage, or you can log […]

With the success of it’s opening week sales of OVER 60 million dollars, Straight Out Of Compton movie proved to that people of all races, ages and musical backgrounds came out to support one of the most controversial rap groups stories of all time.  But some people had a problem, or felt a type a […]

Dre and Sophie examine what happened with Nicki and her ex, Safaree, who claims Ms. Minaj, hasn’t been telling the whole story regarding their relationship. Plus….what’s up with this chic Rachel Dolezal, the NAACP member, that may not actually be black! Hear it all in The D.A. Report..Just hit the player below! What do you […]