Former President Trump is still making history, but not necessarily in a good way. Today, Donald Trump will be arraigned in NYC for allegedly paying hush money to an adult film star for an affair. Why they have not announced what the 30 plus charges that he is up against, we do know that he […]

Although we lost a gentle giant in the political world, John Lewis’ legacy is still getting in good trouble. Most recently CNN reported that the Confederate statue that stood 112 feet tall outside the courthouse grounds in the suburban Atlanta city of Decatur. According to CNN, “The original statue was erected by the United Daughters […]

Donnie seems to be attempting to recoup some funds. According to Bloomberg, “Trump is suing media platform CNN for Defamation.” In the lawsuit he claims, “CNN has escalated a campaign of a libel and slander against him recently because it fears he’ll run for re-election in 2024.” While CNN hasn’t made a public statement about […]


CNN is putting their money where the culture is. With the major announcement of former Mayor of Atlanta Keisha Lance Bottoms joining the CNN team as a political commentator, it seems as though CNN is not done. Former top sports commentators at ESPN Jemele Hill and Cari Champion are now joining the streaming side of […]

After stepping down from her Mayoral duties, former Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced today that she will be joining the CNN Broadcasting family as a Political Commentator. It is no secret that CNN has been attempting to diversify their commentators even more. While the network has many African-Americans that sit behind the news desk, having […]

Before, you lose your mind about more price increases, this one actually isn’t for a bad reason. Recently, employees of the popular food chain Chipotle were walking away from the franchises during the day while business was in full day operation because they felt they were being underpaid. Well word got out across social media […]


Bill Gates said that The United States has not seen the peak of this COVID-19.. The Coronavirus is sweeping across America like nothing the world has ever seen.  I thought this would be over by now but we can see this might carry on through the Spring and Summer if we don’t get a lid […]

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CNN host Don Lemon was named in a sexual assault lawsuit filed by a Long Island, New York.


Victor Blackwell is from Baltimore and fights for us right here. He was on CNN and I was wondering why he took Donald Trumps tweet so serious about Baltimore because he is one of us. I love the fact that CNN let’s Don Lemon and Victor Blackwell get to speak as passionate news anchors to […]


This has to be one of the most talked about segments on CNN to date!! Don Lemon went in on Donald Trump for his racist tweets and grab footage from the beginning of his conversations with Trump. Don went back and had years of documented film of Trumps open racist comments. Don has the quotes […]

Meek Mill’s ‘Championships’ album dropped Friday and he decided to take time out on promoting the album and speak on criminal justice reform Saturday morning on CNN with Michael Smerconish. Check out video!  

  Donald Trump and the White House banned a CNN reporter for testing them on issues that people want to know about. The CNN reporter Jim Acosta was removed from the White House and his press pass was revoked by the White House which is a violation of his First and Fifth Amendment Rights. We […]