On June 17, 2015, Dylann Roof left Mother Emmanuel and traveled to the Branch AME Church, about 30 minutes away, planning to attack that Bible study as well.

Dylann Roof appeared in court on Friday to face the jury for shooting nine people at a historic Black church in Charleston, South Carolina last year.

"After we looked at the evidence and read the laws, and looked at the things that were presented to us by the judge, we had to come to find out that he didn't do anything malicious," the foreman said.

Wow is This real life? Yes it is… There are people in this country that are heart broken over the removal of the Confederate flag in South Carolina. I wonder if this woman in the below video sobbed over the racist church massacre that killed 9 innocent people in Charleston? Hit the video below to […]

In unsurprising news, Dylann Roof, the 21 year old suspected of murdering 9 church goers in Charleston, NEVER should have been able to purchase a weapon legally. FBI director, James B. Comey says “We are sick this happened,” after admitting that Roof’s previous drug possession charge was somehow not reported in The National Instant Criminal Background […]

Nas has chosen not to stay silent when it comes to the recent events in Charleston, South Carolina. The Queens rapper passionately describes feeling weary…

A white South Carolina police officer was arrested yesterday after a video of him shooting an unarmed black man surfaced.  The 33 year old North Charleston officer, Michael T. Slager, can be seen shooting the unarmed 50 year old, Walter Scott, following a “routine traffic” on Saturday.  Slager allegedly stopped Scott after noticing that his […]